Saturday, May 18, 2013

Norman the Cat Rises From the Dead

The Jones family was in complete shock when they found their cat Norman scampering through the kitchen, the day after his funeral.  Karen Jones, 48, Mother-of-two, was heartbroken when she say what looked to be her tom cat, Norman, laying on the side of the road.

A passer-by told the family that the cat had been hit by a car and was killed instantly.  Jones tearfully scooped up the cat from the street.  This animal looked exactly like her cat Norman, same size, and same eye color.  Karen’s son spent two hours digging a nice grave for their cat.

They had an hour long ceremony but then something amazing happened.  The next day, Norman scampered into the kitchen of the Jones residence.  Karen origianally though that Norman somehow dug his way out of the grave.  But then she realized that it must not have been Norman that they burried, it must have been a different cat. 

No word on the original cat that unfortunately passed away. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Do Cats Only Meow at Their Humans?

Meowing Cat by Vera Kratochvil
After reading Adult Cats Only Meow At Humans by Michael, I haven't been able to get this question out of my head.  How come my cats are very vocal towards me when they want something, but, don't ever seem to be vocal at each other?

What is the reason they were given the ability to make so many different variations of meowing, if the sole purpose was to communicate (demand) things to their humans?

Have we kept our domestic cat friends in a kitten stage by babying them?  Are they requesting things from us, as they would have with their mothers?  At what point are kittens suppose to stop meowing at their mother? 

Dr Morris’s theory states that people keep cats in a permanent state of kittenhood in respect of the human-cat relationship because we act as a surrogate and permanent mothers.  This must be the reason behind the vocalisations.

The ASPCA's theory is that cats are meowing when they are requesting something from us.  Maybe cats don't ever feel they need anything from another cat.  However, my cats are perfectly fine with telling a cat when to back-off.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Funny Cat Pictures

Saberkins enjoys sleeping on piles of clothes.  Do you have a cat that does this?

"If I Fits I Sits"  Cashmika will pretty much plop down in or on anything.  She usually picks spots that make her the center of attention.  She makes a wonderful center piece.  If only I could get her to stay there. 

The other day I was organizing bins.  I had only one more to fill.  Well Cashmika already had plans for the last one.  I guess she thought she needed a bin all to herself.  Not sure what it is she would like to organize in it, but, I guess I will have to ask her.

Cashmika loves to sleep face down.  How does she manage to still breath like this?

Mirror Kisses

How much for the bottled kitty?

Sibling Love

Green Bags Save the Earth

Cashmika Loves Green Bags
Here is Cashmika enjoying her favorite type of bag to hide, sleep and play in.  She feels that it is the perfect size for her.  The only issue she has with it; is that sometimes when she tries to get out the handles get looped around her neck and the bag starts to follow her everywhere.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Buddha Posing

Saberkin's Buddha Pose
 This is Saberkin's famous "Buddha" pose.  He is actually quite content in this photo.  This is one of his favorite poses while bathing his belly area.  As you can tell the couch is a very desirable spot to bathe and relax.