Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Funny Cat Pictures

Saberkins enjoys sleeping on piles of clothes.  Do you have a cat that does this?

"If I Fits I Sits"  Cashmika will pretty much plop down in or on anything.  She usually picks spots that make her the center of attention.  She makes a wonderful center piece.  If only I could get her to stay there. 

The other day I was organizing bins.  I had only one more to fill.  Well Cashmika already had plans for the last one.  I guess she thought she needed a bin all to herself.  Not sure what it is she would like to organize in it, but, I guess I will have to ask her.

Cashmika loves to sleep face down.  How does she manage to still breath like this?

Mirror Kisses

How much for the bottled kitty?

Sibling Love

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